We’re connecting Wisconsin business owners with experts in employment law, human resources and financial management to provide timely insights on how to bring COVID-19 vaccination into your organization. The 5-episode Wisconsin Employer Vaccine Forum will tackle common questions, like “Can employers require the COVID vaccine?” and highlight the do’s and don’ts all business owners should consider. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is here to help you safely and successfully navigate the pandemic recovery.


Episode 2: Your employees’ vaccination rights.

Navigate both the legal and practical considerations you need to consider when addressing, requiring or validating the vaccine. You’ll learn important ADA policy considerations like whether vaccination proof is a disability-related inquiry and how not to violate medical rights and protections.

Episode 3: Vaccination guidelines for returning to work.

Uncover the new protocols that will be important to your business as a vaccinated workforce returns to the workplace. You’ll learn about evolving regulations and how to structure employee conversations about workplace flexibility.

Episode 4: The financial impact of a vaccinated workforce.

Uncover the important intangible financial benefits that come from employees feeling safe and confident in a vaccinated workplace.


Episode 5: Vaccination resources available for your business.

Access federal, state and local pandemic-recovery resources for your business. You’ll learn how the statewide We’re All In initiative from WEDC will continue to provide Wisconsin business owners like you a gateway into all relief and recovery efforts available.