NovoMoto installs solar-powered lighting devices for people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing a clean energy alternative to kerosene lamps.

Company founder Aaron Olson was born in the DRC in a clinic with no electricity and aims to improve conditions for millions of people living in the African country. The company has a stated goal of bringing electricity to one million families by 2026.

The business is seeing consistent growth with more than 1,500 people currently accessing electricity through NovoMoto systems. Customers have benefited from more than $20,000 in energy savings, the company says.

The ongoing campaign has raised $295,009 out of a target of $1.07 million with 191 investors as of Monday. NovoMoto has raised more than $645,000 from nearly 200 investors since it was founded in 2017.

NovoMoto will appear in an upcoming episode for Project Pitch It.

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