After rebranding in early February, Datica will be representing Madison along with other health technology companies at the 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando.

Previously known as Catalyze, Datica facilitates secure data exchange between health applications and electronic health record systems. It also works to remove HIPAA compliance as a burden to innovation.

Datica will have a booth at this week’s Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society conference alongside other companies based in the Madison region such as HealthX Ventures, Forward Health Group, ImageMoverMD, Nordic and others.

While the original name captured the founders’ vision for the company when it was created in 2013, securing the trademark with the Patent and Trademark Office turned out to be problematic, according to a blog post by Datica co-founder and chief privacy officer Travis Good.

“It should be no surprise that after almost 3 years of litigation with the USPTO, we ended up not receiving a trademark for Catalyze,” Good said. “While there were no direct competitors, the office’s final ruling stated the name is too generic a verb throughout the industries of healthcare and technology to receive a trademark.” Read the full story here.