Amazon employs more than 4,000 full-time workers in Wisconsin, and the company estimates over 5,500 jobs have been created indirectly in recent years, thanks to its presence in the state.

After announcing plans for a Kenosha fulfillment center in 2013, Amazon opened it in 2015 with some 1,000 employees.

Since then, the company’s Wisconsin presence has grown.It has: two fulfillment centers in Kenosha; three facilities in Milwaukee — a Prime Now hub, an Amazon Fresh site and a delivery station; and Madison headquarters for Shopbop, an online retailer that Amazon acquired in 2006.

Amazon says its investments between 2014 and 2017 have added $1 billion to the state’s economy.

Gov. Scott Walker is touting the milestone, saying “The Wisconsin Comeback is real!”

“The fact that Amazon more than tripled its initial job-creation projections in Wisconsin is a monumental success story,” Walker said.

This latest data report on Amazon’s presence in Wisconsin came just before thousands of Amazon workers around the world held strikes for Prime Day, in protest of what they see as unfair working conditions and low wages.

Amazon faces mounting concern over how it treats workers in some of its warehouses. According to national media reports, physical conditions can be extreme to the point of endangering workers, who have reportedly collapsed from heat and exhaustion. Read the full story here.