The co-manager for one of Wisconsin’s largest angel investor networks says allocating more resources to the Badger Fund of Funds would help drive investment activity across the state.

“I think that’s what we need,” said Andrea Dlugos, co-manager for Wisconsin Investment Partners. “We see a lot of activity in Madison, Milwaukee and of course the Foxconn area, and I think some of the other parts of the state need that attention as well.”

In a recent interview, Dlugos said the state’s startup ecosystem would also benefit from expanding the state’s Qualified New Business Venture program, which incentivizes investments in early-stage companies in the state.

The program is coordinated by WEDC, providing tax credits to eligible angel investors and VC funds making cash equity investments in qualified startups. Investors in certified companies receive a 25 percent income tax credit on their investments, and each QNBV company is eligible for up to $12 million in qualifying investments.

“It’s helpful to have the support of the state in encouraging this type of investment activity, and they’ve done a lot,” Dlugos said.  Read the full story here.