Needle disposal has long been a source of frustration for users, especially at the institutional level.

Individuals or institutions traditionally collect and store used hypodermic needles in “sharps” disposal containers. Those containers are transported offsite, where heat is used to sterilize the biohazard and destroy the needle. This procedure can take weeks between pickup and sterilization, costing needle users an average of 20 cents per needle.

Blexx Technology seeks to simplify this process with a portable device that rapidly grinds and disintegrates hypodermic needles on-site immediately after use. This method of sterilization eliminates the need for storage and transportation and leaves the user with a plastic syringe that is safe for disposal in a standard trash bin.

The on-site grinding process could improve safety and environmental standards in the $1.36 billion needle disposal market by limiting the number of individuals exposed to potentially hazardous needles and erasing the carbon footprint of needle storage and transportation.

Erin Tenderholt founded Blexx Technology three years ago at age 19, early in her college career at UW-Madison. A recent business school graduate, Tenderholt is looking to continue her role in the company, with an official fundraising round for Blexx Technology set for summer 2019. Read the full story here.