Breakthrough Fuel, a Green Bay-based company working in transportation energy management, recently made an investment in a Silicon Valley startup.

Peloton Technology, of Mountain View, is working on a “platooning” platform which uses automated vehicle technology to sync two semi-trucks, so that both vehicles’ braking and acceleration happen simultaneously.

The startup says this system has been found to reduce diesel fuel costs by 7 percent by leveraging vehicle-to-vehicle — V2V — communication. This is just one type of autonomous vehicle communication that the American Transportation Research Institute outlined in its 2016 report on the impact of automated vehicles on the trucking industry.

Others include vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I, in which the vehicle can communicate with and gain awareness of things like traffic signals and other fixtures. Vehicle-to-pedestrian, or V2P, involves the vehicle communicating directly with pedestrians and bicyclists. Read the full story here.