A high percentage of startup businesses fail due to the competitive and risky nature of entrepreneurship. However, this statistic seems to have little effect on Wisconsin native Matt Younkle.

Younkle has achieved strong success with several entrepreneurial endeavors, TurboTap being one example. Now, he’s embarking on his next big project.

He recently launched Cardigan LLC, an app that allows people to trade professional contact information — now dominated by paper business cards — directly from phone to phone. This latest startup was spotlighted as part of an ongoing startup profile series written by UW-Madison students.

Younkle’s plan involves putting initial focus and energy into the app itself, rather than promoting immediate growth. The first challenge is to create the ideal product to capture and maintain engaged users.

Younkle has teamed up with co-founder Jim Remsik, a long-time friend and business associate. Remsik deals with developing the Cardigan app while Younkle focuses on getting the app off the ground and into user’s hands.

“I view my value-add as going from idea, to product, to market. That’s the sweet spot that I operate in,” Younkle said.

In Younkle’s mind the perfected Cardigan app will be socially acceptable by maintaining the seamless flow of conversation. Read the full story here.