A startup may mean the end to real estate investors struggling over decision-making while shuffling through pages of spreadsheets and data.

Stratafolio was created by Jeri Frank and Uriel Barillas to help make meaningful investment decisions by piecing together unorganized documents.

Today, investors have the basic information they need, but their information is spread out between different assets and investments.

“We connect with a company’s existing property management and accounting software and aggregate their fragmented data into one convenient location,” Frank said.

The Iowa-based startup’s platform is easy to use, according to Frank. Investors can upload their property management and accounting software to Stratafolio. The program automatically receives the user’s data and updates the system on its own.

Stratafolio targets mid-sized real estate investment companies, between $10 million and $400 million. These companies have multiple partners and investors, multiple asset types and multiple lenders, Frank said, “therefore having the potential to benefit significantly from this product.”

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