Connectivity is the most important factor for building a startup hub in the Milwaukee area, says a co-organizer of the inaugural Milwaukee Startup Week.

Startup Week runs until Nov. 6, with over 20 events hosted across southeastern Wisconsin.

“We started the event with the hope of networking and building the startup community,” Matt Cordio, CEO of Startup Milwaukee, tells “Milwaukee has room to improve, but we’ve always thought there was potential for a startup community in the area.”

He says that potential is being tapped right now, as many events in the first two days have been swamped with visitors.

“It’s been amazing,” said Cordio. “Our goal was to get 50 people at one event; we got 175. We expected 50 at a lunch event; we got around 100.”

While this greater-than-expected turnout makes Cordio optimistic about the future of Milwaukee small business, it didn’t happen automatically. Read the full story here.