Gov. Tony Evers pledges a “buffer” to give people time to comply with a coming “safer at home” order.

Evers noted the federal government has posted a list of essential businesses. Still, he added there will be a “Wisconsin vantage point” to the list he will release.

“There’s going to be a large number of businesses that will remain open, just like we’ve seen in other states,” added Evers Legal Counsel Ryan Nilsestuen yesterday on a call with Evers and health officials.

They declined to provide specifics on what the coming “safer at home” order will look like other than saying it’s expected to continue current policy allowing bars and restaurants to provide take out and delivery.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cyberspace and Infrastructure Security Agency on Thursday issued guidance on what qualifies as an essential service.

The list includes sectors such as: health care, including the manufacture of personal protective equipment; those supporting groceries, pharmacies and other retail that sell food and beverages; and infrastructure employees supporting the electrical grid, petroleum industry and natural gas.

Other industries on the list include: automotive repair and maintenance; air transportation; plumbers, electricians and others who maintain the safety, sanitation and operation of residences; and a host of manufacturing associated with transportation, energy, communications, food and others.

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