Madison-based EyeKor is planning an expansion of its platform after closing a $600,000 fundraising round.

The company, which disclosed the news in an SEC filing, developed an FDA-cleared platform for pharmaceutical companies and eye researchers, where they can track the results of ophthalmic tests during clinical trials.

That helps “harmonize” all of the data and images that likely come from a variety of eye testing machines, said Chief Operating Officer Gary Leatherberry.

The company’s three co-founders, which include UW-Madison ophthalmology professor Ron Danis, all recognized how difficult it can be to sift through all of the test images and evaluate them quickly, Leatherberry said.

The company has 10 employees, though Leatherberry said they’re looking to add more programmers and a sales team to further commercialize its platform. It’s the first time the company, which launched in 2012, has gotten outside investor funding.

See the SEC filing: