Four women-led businesses shared the spotlight at a recent Doyenne Group event where they each had 5 minutes to present their business models.

“Any business can be presented in five minutes,” said Amy Gannon, co-founder and director of entrepreneurial development for Doyenne. She introduced the four presenters Wednesday at the Yahara Bay Distillery in Madison.

“I sometimes use the five minutes as a developmental tool,” Gannon said. “Getting to the five minutes makes you make decisions and get clarity in a way that you may or not have been doing previously.”

The four presenting companies at the Fall Showcase were:

*Strategic Partners Marketing/Amberdella Consulting, a startup marketing agency and consulting service for entrepreneurs run by Amber Swenor.

She founded SPM in April 2015 to act as the entire marketing department for small businesses that can’t afford to hire individual members for one of their own. Since then, the Madison-based company has gained five employees and works with over 50 local businesses and individuals.

“Marketing today is no longer a one-person position, with the proliferation of digital media and all types of marketing, it really requires experts and specialists to be able to do all the marketing a business needs,” she said. “This can easily get to a half-million dollars, which really isn’t feasible for a lot of small businesses.”

Through Strategic Partners Marketing, small businesses can get traditional and digital marketing solutions from the full team for between about $2,000 a month — “less than it would cost the business to hire one person,” she said.  Read the full story here.