Teachers are busy taking care of and teaching children. Quietly stealing time from that core mission is the task of documenting students’ progress during the valuable hours of the school day.

Patricia Wooldridge, co-founder of GrowthChart and owner and director at Mariposa Learning Center, has created a voice-recognition device for teachers to record and document students’ progress.

GrowthChart is a voice-activated documentation tool for preschools, child-care centers and in-home providers that uses the Google platform.

Mariposa Learning Center is a nationally accredited bilingual child-care center in Stoughton. Wooldridge noticed their teachers spending a lot of time on documenting student progress during school and after school hours.

Wooldridge, along with husband Jerod Wooldridge, used their 19 years of combined child-care experience to come up with a solution in 2017.

“One day we saw a voice digital assistant commercial on TV, and that was our ‘ah ha’ moment,” Wooldridge said. “What if teachers could use their voice to document instead?”

GrowthChart can help document students’ progress and behavioral patterns. It serves as a time management tool for teachers and a reporting system for parents.

The device will be able to send daily reports to parents via email with extensive information in a personal portfolio tailored to each student. Read the full story here.