Integrating medicine and public health are the most important takeaways from the coronavirus pandemic, but UW Health CEO Dr. Alan Kaplan and Dean of UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health Dr. Robert Golden say the most prominent problems are the same problems that plagued the healthcare industry 25 years ago.

Problems with long waiting times for patients, difficulty scheduling appointments, dealing with insurance and going through prior authorization all existed at the beginning of Kaplan’s career in medicine. But the problems have never been totally solved over the quarter century he’s spent in healthcare.

However, Kaplan said the healthcare industry has learned quite a bit about the importance of incorporating public health teachings with furthering the study of medicine.

While furthering medicine through scientific studies, clinical trials, drug developments and advancements in patient care is crucial to helping people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives, improving public health will bring many of those advancements to the masses and help bridge the disparities in healthcare between communities.

“COVID is unfortunately a horrible way to really learn the importance of bringing together medicine and public health, and it’s not just for COVID,” said Golden in a “UW Now” webinar.  Read the full story here.