Kevin Dwyer, CEO of HealthConnect.Link, has made it his mission to connect low-income and uninsured people to affordable health and social services.

His nonprofit startup aims to create an online network between service providers so that people needing care can be learn about places that have needed services.

According to him, there is a bigger need for this kind of connected platform in the Madison area than many might realize.

“This is a major problem,” Dwyer told “There are tens of thousands of people who are living at or near the federal poverty limit in Dane County, almost 40,000 who are uninsured in Dane County, so it’s a fairly substantial issue–especially when you take into consideration the number of physicians per capita and the number of nonprofits per capita.”

He says other online resources for assembling service information on nonprofits would lump those data together into dense, hard-to-navigate databases.

“That’s not the most effective way to prioritize how information is disseminated,” Dwyer said. “So I thought, wouldn’t it make more sense to organize this information in a way that is more relevant the priorities of a low-income patient?” Read the full story here.