Receiving an organ transplant can be a lengthy process for many Americans. Yet, an average of 54 percent of all donated organs go to waste due to ineffective communication between health care practitioners, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

With more than 122,000 patients waiting for a transplant, HealthTech Solutions has developed a secure, federally compliant mobile app to help simplify communication.

Co-founders Dalton Shaull, chief executive officer, and Eric Pahl, chief technical officer, were inspired to create the “TXP Chat” app after they each discovered the need for more effective transplants.

For Shaull, the inspiration came after a near-fatal motorcycle crash that caused the former Division 1 football player at the University of Iowa to became paralyzed in his arm due to severe nerve damage. After receiving a nerve transplant, Schaull began regaining twitches and sensations in his arm as early as four months after the transplant.

Eric Pahl, on the other hand, had three aunts all battling liver failure who were waiting on life-saving organ transplants. When Dalton and Eric met, the two instantly discovered a shared passion, and HealthTech Solutions came to be.

The app’s real-time communication platform replaces call centers that rely on phones and fax machines; it  also has an audit trial to reduce the costs and increase organ use. The artificial intelligence utilized by the HIPAA-compliant software is already making an impact on transplants in the United States. Read the full story here.