Hospitals and health systems in the state have a $119 billion impact on the state’s economy, according to a recent report from the Wisconsin Hospital Association.

Hospitals alone contribute $47 billion to Wisconsin’s economy in labor income, total income, and industrial sales and revenue, the report shows.

In an introduction to the report, WHA President and CEO Eric Borgerding noted the health care industry is one of the state’s largest employers and “strongest economic drivers.”

“Wisconsin can attract people and businesses to our state because the health care sector provides family-supporting jobs across a wide spectrum of worker educations — from high school to an advanced degree,” Borgerding said.

The report shows hospitals in the state had around 209,000 workers in 2016, including 108,000 direct jobs and nearly 101,000 indirect and induced jobs. That number swells to 571,900 jobs when taking the overall health care sector into account.

According to WHA, for every 10 jobs created in the state, another nine jobs are created elsewhere in Wisconsin.

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