Researchers with JangoBio, a Madison-based startup developing stem cell therapies, are set to begin testing on companion animals such as dogs within the next two months.

Bill Kohl, chief operating officer for JangoBio, says this marks a step forward in the company’s journey to bring its anti-aging therapy to market, starting with non-agricultural animals.

“Things look promising,” Kohl (pictured here) told “We’re working on refining the application, increasing and improving efficacy, and of course monitoring for safety.”

JangoBio’s patent-pending therapy relies on stem cells to regrow certain tissues in the body that are responsible for maintaining healthy hormone levels. As people and animals age, these tissues degrade, leading to unbalanced hormones and a host of associated health problems.

CEO Craig Atwood says regrowing those tissues would have tremendous health benefits for both humans and animals.

JangoBio researchers have previously achieved positive results in smaller animal models such as rats. Upcoming testing on larger animals will provide more valuable information.

If all goes well with the planned commercial rollout for companion animals in 2020, company founders hope to introduce a therapeutic for humans within the next five years.

“That’s highly subject to FDA regulations,” Kohl said. “We could do offshore sooner, but we want to make sure we comply with the FDA.”

For now, Kohl says the company plans to pursue licensing agreements with veterinary clinics that cater to dogs, cats and even horses. But he says “we don’t want to cross the USDA boundary just yet,” since that brings a whole new set of restrictions. Read the full story here.