Tech entrepreneur Shree Kalluri wants to make Madison the most sustainable city in the world — starting with its taxi cabs.

“We can reach to the disenfranchised. We can provide new employment opportunities. There is so much that can be done if you solve the transportation problem,” he said. “We want to solve it.”

Kalluri, who founded a Madison startup called Zerology earlier this year, was joined yesterday by Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and company leaders from Green Cab of Madison. They announced Green Cab is replacing its Madison hybrid vehicle fleet with fully electric Tesla Model 3s.

He says the partnership combines two significant business trends: the nationwide push toward zero-emission vehicles; and rapid adoption of ride-sharing apps.

“If you can put more people in a car, and if that car is zero emmisions, then we are taking so many vehicles off the street,” Kalluri said. Read the full story here.