MCHS is partnering with Health Recovery Solutions, a New Jersey company that provides telehealth software to health systems. Patients in the pilot will use HRS software-enabled 4G tablets, paired with biometric sensors that track things like blood pressure, heart rate and weight.

Patients can use these tablets to communicate directly with doctors and nurses, through chat and phone calls.

The HRS telehealth software helps keep patients on track with medication reminders and “disease-specific educational content.”

According to a release from MCHS, the platform also connects to a “live-listening stethoscope,” enabling remote examinations that would normally only be possible in-person. MCHS says this function will help reduce unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office.

“With lengthy Wisconsin winters and inclement weather, eliminating unnecessary physician visits is another way for us to use innovation to provide the best care for our patients and reduce their health care costs,” said Dr. Narayana Murali, executive vice president and chief clinical strategy officer for MCHS.

The release shows HRS was chosen by MCHS due to its flexibility and willingness to customize the system to meet certain needs. That supports a long-term goal of expanding telehealth programs to serve the system’s 350,000 patients throughout Wisconsin.

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