More than 3,200 ticks submitted from across Wisconsin

As the first day of summer approaches on June 21 and summer holidays, vacations and outdoor activities hit high gear, scientists at Marshfield Clinic Research Institute are asking the public to submit ticks for the Tick Inventory via Citizen Science (TICS).

TICS was launched in April to survey the distribution of tick species in Wisconsin, including any new, invasive ticks that may be moving into Wisconsin. The response was phenomenal as citizens scooped up ticks they found in nature or crawling on themselves or their pets and sent them to the Research Institute in pre-paid collection kits. So far, scientists have identified more than 3,200 ticks submitted by citizens, most prominently the American dog (wood) tick and the deer (black-legged) tick.

Researchers also have identified nine brown dog ticks, which are most frequently found in the southern U.S. and five lone star ticks, mainly found in the southern and eastern U.S.

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