Scanalytics CEO Joe Scanlin is working to grow his Milwaukee company’s smart floor footprint while looking ahead to new data applications.

“We are expanding,” he told in a recent interview. “How much space we are enabling with our sensor technology is important.”

Scanalytics’ floor sensors are used by more than 100 clients to track human movement. The data derived from that movement can provide unique insights to building managers and designers.

Once a floor space is rigged with the sensor tiles, Scanlin says the entire building becomes a source for fresh, valuable data. With that in mind, his company is building applications “that can use that data over and over again.”

“A building might engage with us to turn on analytics, but six months down the road … we might come up with an app that uses that data for security or energy management,” he said.

He adds that Scanalytics is looking to “partner up with right companies that help us get that level of distribution and scale while focusing on the value of the end user.”

Scanlin says the United States alone has about 87 billion square feet of commercial space, and other countries have even more.

“That gives you an idea of the landscape, globally how big this market is,” he said. “We’re looking at how we can embed our solutions into vast amounts of space while removing cost considerations of the end user.”

At the moment, that goal takes precedence over more niche projects for retailers or elderly care facilities.

The company was founded about six years ago and has raised $4 million in total since then. Much of that investment came from Milwaukee-based CSA Partners, which Scanlin says helped drive the decision to locate in Milwaukee.

Scanlin believes Wisconsin’s investment landscape is “getting better,” though the later-stage venture capital scene is still “in its infancy.” Read the full story here.