A Milwaukee entrepreneur is building an early-stage business around a simple concept: delivering gasoline directly to vehicles.

Talethea Thompson is owner of PumpFive Fuel Delivery Service. She says going to the gas station is hardly anyone’s favorite activity, adding some businesses are paying for their employees to make these trips on company time.

“Nobody likes going; there’s no real reason for it,” Thompson said earlier this month at a pitch presentation held in Madison.

The startup was created in April, and Thompson has managed to build a customer base composed of both individual customers and corporate accounts. PumpFive sells regular and premium gasoline, as well as diesel fuel.

“Right now our individual customers love us,” she said. “They have access to our app, where they can order, schedule and drop a pin. We’ll go wherever their vehicles are parked.”

While individual drivers are enjoying the convenience, Thompson says corporate customers are saving money as they no longer need employees to stop at gas stations to refill their vehicles. When corporate vehicles aren’t in use, PumpFive employees will stop and fill up their tanks.

“It’s been working really well for us,” Thompson said. Read the full story here.