Members of Milwaukee’s startup ecosystem see potential for the city to capture more venture capital dollars in the health care sector.

Speaking at a kick-off event for Startup Milwaukee Week, Venture Investors Chief Financial Officer David Arnstein noted more than $2.8 billion was invested in Midwest health care companies last year, with about $900 million of that in digital health applications. And Midwest health care investments have risen 40 percent in the past five years, he added.

“The Midwest is growing like crazy in health care investing,” he said yesterday. “I think Milwaukee and the Midwest in general has all the ingredients to capture those dollars that are being invested.”

Venture Investors is based in Madison and has more than $275 million in assets under management. Arnstein said the venture capital firm looks for companies that “take the cost out of health care,” particularly those with intellectual property rights.

The fund backed a startup called TAI Diagnostics in 2015, which has a diagnostic test to monitor the health of transplanted organs based on research conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“Great example of the strong academic institutions in Milwaukee and the region,” he said. “Great scientists, great technology, and we led the round and the company is off and running.”  Read the full story here.