The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has awarded the biggest round of broadband expansion grants in state history, boosting access for an estimated 1,600 businesses.

According to a release from Gov. Scott Walker’s office, $7.68 million in total preliminary awards is being matched with over $19 million in private funds. In all, 46 grants are going toward improving high-speed internet access for 1,600 business locations and 18,000 residences.

According to Matthew Spencer of the PSC, applicants for these awards project how many companies and residents they will reach with their project. The PSC uses these projections to estimate the impact of the entire round of grants.

The awards were announced Friday, and will be finalized with a written decision from the PSC at the end of a 10-day appeals process.

Individual awards range from just under $3,000 to $600,000. See the list of awardees here.