When it comes to serving beer in a glass, the pour is everything — that’s why Pour Authority, a new app from Madison-based developer Craig Robertson, was created to easily measure the volume of a glass of beer.

A standard American 16-ounce pint glass, a 14.75-ounce porter glass and a 16-ounce stadium cup all have something in common: they each only hold about 12 ounces of liquid when filled most of the way up.

Robertson used a homemade video to demonstrate this incongruity at a recent meeting in Madison of 1 Million Cups, a national entrepreneurship group. By showing each container being filled with the same amount of beer — 12 ounces — he revealed that, despite what people may think, they are not getting what they pay for at many bars and sporting events.

“I know when I realized this that it was, for me, kind of a ‘Wow’ moment,” he said.

In European countries like Germany and the UK, glasses have markings along the top, to give pourers an indication of when to stop. While Robertson says he doesn’t know why the same custom doesn’t exist in the United States, he does claim his free app solves the issue. Read the full story here.