Rapid Imaging, a leading Augmented Reality provider to both governmental and commercial clients, has secured a strategic partnership with Middleton, WI-based Perceptual Labs, a world-leading artificial intelligence (“AI”) company focused on providing on-device software frameworks based on machine learning and convolutional neural networks.

“We’ve been in discussions with Perceptual Labs for the past several months and are happy to have secured this partnership and look forward to the opportunity of working with a group we believe is at the forefront of the AI industry,” said David Geisler, CEO at Rapid Imaging. “As a pioneer in the Augmented Reality space with a history going back two decades, Rapid Imaging recognizes the importance of continued innovation and finding partners who are leaders in their field.”

Perceptual Labs is headed by Brad Larson, PhD., a world-leader in on-device artificial intelligence and machine vision. Dr. Larson provided one of the first public demonstrations of GPU-accelerated video processing for iOS in 2010 and developed an open-source framework based on this demonstration that made it possible for other developers to do live video processing on iOS devices. This framework would go on to become the 3rd most popular open source project in the history of iOS and it is used by tens of thousands of applications on the App Store, including many of the most well-known. Most recently, Dr. Larson has developed an AI framework that leads the industry and allows for live processing, at 60 frames per second, without an internet connection or server infrastructure. Read the full story here.