Re Mixers, a Madison-based startup that got second place in the 2016 Governor’s Business Plan Contest, is trying to break into the adhesive application market with disruptive engineering and design.

The company secured a $500,000 investment from N29 Capital Partners in December, and Eric Ronning, co-founder of Re Mixers, doesn’t see the company slowing down at all.

“Our technology extends beyond adhesives; that opens the door to the world of chemical mixing,” Ronning said. “We’re looking down the road to explore opportunities.”

The company’s ‘static-mixing’ nozzle greatly improves upon existing epoxy-mixing technology, and was designed using artificial intelligence–or AI–to test and repeatedly improve upon design simulations as the AI program runs analysis.

“We have found a way to automatically innovate,” Ronning said. “We want to apply the techniques used to design the mixer to other processes altogether.”

The static-mixing nozzle was designed to replace mixers with moving parts, which traditionally combine multiple streams of chemicals using consecutive mixer elements so they react together more strongly. The striations, or number of streams in the mix, are doubled at each mixer element. Read the full story here.