SimplifIDe may change the way employers and their workers protect data.

SimplifIDe, a year-old startup, uses unique physical markers that differentiate all humans in lieu of traditional identification. These biometrics include things like faces, voices, fingerprints and even the iris of the eye.

“Biometrics–that is what truly identifies you and verifies your identity,” CEO Jeff McAllister tells “In our solution, you are the password.”

The plan to start the Madison-based company arose from what he calls “a perfect storm taking place” for this kind of identification. He pointed to a “plethora” of data fraud, including big data hacks on larger companies, plus identity fraud, as the impetus for companies wanting to improve security.

SimplifIDe is responding to an urgent need in the marketplace, said McAllister. A survey conducted this past summer by TeleSign, Inc. shows 70 percent of online businesses want to eliminate traditional usernames and passwords.

“The idea really came from stepping back and taking a look at what the process is currently for adding biometric identification,” said McAllister. “When we saw how complex it was, we thought that this is very similar to other companies who didn’t have to recreate the wheel. They took different pieces that were already there, they glued them together in a unique way, and they changed the market.” Read the full story here.