A startup called SpayVac-for-Wildlife plans to submit an animal birth control vaccine product to the EPA before the end of the year, and founders aim to hit the ground running once approval is secured.

CEO Tom D’Orazio says he expects the EPA to approve the product within 10 months, but he’s not wasting any time developing connections and strategies for entering the animal control market.

He says company leaders are hashing out the details of a USDA deal in which the Fitchburg company could generate some new shared intellectual property. And he sees an opportunity to work with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to help reduce the number of wild horses on public lands used for cattle grazing.

Current methods for controlling wildlife populations including surgical spaying as well as killing the animals outright, both of which can be costly and difficult processes, D’Orazio said.

“A vaccine is very cheap and efficient compared to that,” he said at a recent Wisconsin Technology Council luncheon in Madison. “Not only is it innovative, but it’s a human solution to a big and expensive problem.”  Read the full story here.