The Atlantic Council’s latest report highlights Madison as one of four technology hubs in the nation, pointing to research at the state’s largest university as a driver for startups.

This national nonprofit’s report, titled “Keeping America’s Innovative Edge,” includes policy recommendations, as well as analysis of regional factors like city planning, cost of living, education, and research support.

“While the report includes many encouraging signs for Greater Madison’s economy, there are cautionary notes as well, particularly when it comes to a long-term decline in government-funded university research,” said Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce President Zach Brandon.

The report points to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation — the protector of intellectual property that results from research at UW — as a national model for technology transfer institutions.

It also highlights the biotech scene in Madison, with references to giants like Epic as well as more up-and-coming companies like Stratatech, which deals in regenerative medical technology.

Austin, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the combined areas of Denver and Boulder were the other three hubs mentioned in the report.

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