3D Mammograms Improve Detection, Reduce False Positives

The number of mammogram images Dr. Susan Sung now reviews for each patient is around 160, up from just four less than a year ago. Dr. Sung, a diagnostic radiologist with Radiology Associates of Appleton, admits that three-dimensional (3D) mammograms take a lot more time to read, “But they save a lot of time, anxiety, and additional testing down the road.”

Statistics show that 3D mammograms result in a 40 percent reduction in follow-up imaging and a 40 percent improved cancer detection rate compared with traditional 2D mammography. ThedaCare began offering 3D mammograms earlier this year, and women and their doctors immediately began seeing benefits — literally. “Just today I was reviewing a case with a surgeon. We saw something on a woman’s 3D mammogram that we wouldn’t have caught on a traditional 2D image. Our images are so much more detailed,” said Dr. Sung. Read the full story here.