TherVoyant, a health tech company providing real-time MRI guidance for surgical procedures, is seeking $1.8 million to support efforts to obtain FDA regulatory clearance.

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, uses a magnetic field and radio waves to make internal body images. For patients to get an MRI scan, they enter a large tube-shaped machine in which almost any part of the body can be scanned.

TherVoyant, which came out of UW-Madison, wants to bring procedures from the operating room into the MR suite, so as to simplify workflow for surgeons who would benefit from visualizing the delivery of therapy in the patient’s body during surgery.

Its technology platform, GuideRT, streamlines the operation of the MRI scanner, using software to guide the placement of medical devices. It controls all the MRI scanner’s resources, much like an app on a smartphone can access the device’s camera, touchscreen and other components.

Walter Block, company founder and UW-Madison professor of biomedical engineering, says company technicians are concentrating first on brain surgeries. Read the full story here.