Today, Newsweek announced theinaugurallist of America’s Best Cancer Hospitals 2023, naming UW Health | Carbone Cancer Centerthe top cancer hospital in Wisconsin and 30th in the United States.

This award is presented by Newsweek and Statista, a data-gathering statistics provider, and is designed to provide patients and families with a comprehensive resource for informed decision-making on leading cancer hospitals in the U.S.

Three data sources were used for the evaluation. One was a nationwide online survey of health care professionals and hospital managers with knowledge about oncology such as oncologists, hematologists and oncology nurses. They were asked to recommend leading cancer hospitals in the U.S. Another source was hospital quality metrics with a focus on indicators relevant to oncology care. Finally, they used patientsurveys that covered patients’ experiences during hospitalization. Overall, 175 hospitals were ranked.

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