MADISON, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin-Madison is working with local partners to develop new applications for the “Gigabit internet” that track usage of city buses and promote rideshares of electric cars, among other things.

At a June event in Austin, Texas, US Ignite announced that the UW-Madison, partnering with the City of Madison, Madison Metro Transit and others, is one of 15 “Smart Gigabit Communities” nationwide. Each Smart Gigabit Community will develop two gigabit applications or public services that provide solutions to issues faced by that community, and they’ll be shared with the other communities.

The program is sponsored by US Ignite, a public-private partnership that supports the creation of applications on gigabit Internet, a growing type of ultra-high-speed Internet access. US Ignite provides ideas, education and resources for funding and deployment. Read the full story here.