An engineering physics team using carbon nanotubes to build armor that’s stronger than Kevlar and a cross-disciplinary team making it less painful to diagnose a debilitating autoimmune disorder have taken top honors from WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation).

The 2022 WARF Innovation Award has been given to the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Ramathasan Thevamaran, professor of engineering physics, and postdoctoral researcher Jizhe Cai for their work, New, Lightweight Material to Protect Against Bullets and Other High-Speed Impacts.

The second winning team includes Sara McCoy, professor of rheumatology; Miriam Shelef, professor of rheumatology; Michael Newton, professor of biostatistics and medical informatics; and statistics graduate student Zihao Zheng for their work, Innovative New Diagnostic Test for Sjögren’s Syndrome.

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