When any firm comes to a road block during its project, it’s often very difficult to quickly solve the issue before the deadline.

Jignesh Patel, founder of DataChat, wants to change that.

DataChat is a spin-out from the UW-Madison’s Department of Computer Sciences, and is based on advanced data analytics and machine-learning technologies that have been developed at the university in Patel’s artificial intelligence research group. The company was profiled as part of a series written by UW-Madison students.

Patel and his team are working on a software that allows firms to quickly and efficiently gather the necessary data and information to create effective problem solving.

“We want to minimize problem solving time for companies that need to meet short deadlines for complex projects,” said Patel, who’s had a successful track record of entrepreneurship, DataChat being his fourth startup.

The company trains and deploys custom chatbots in the cloud that allow decision makers to get insights from their data by simply conversing with those chatbots. In response to the conversation, the bots search through a vast library of code patterns, assembling the appropriate pipeline of data analytics and machine-learning methods for the task at hand. Results are seen in the form of charts and pictures, making it easier to see the patterns that are hidden in the data. Read the full story here.