Some of the state’s largest utility companies have signed onto a multi-state effort to expand electric vehicle infrastructure in the Midwest.

WEC Energy Group announced yesterday that it’s joining the effort that’s being led by Ameren, a Missouri-based power company. Since the effort was launched last year, more than a dozen companies have joined including the Alliant Energy Corporation.

WEC Energy Group has 4.6 million customers across Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota, and its principal utilities serving Wisconsin include We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service. The company says it has 50 electric vehicle charging ports across its service area.

“From Milwaukee to Denver, Green Bay to Oklahoma City and thousands of miles in between, this Midwest charging network will give EV drivers confidence they will be able to find a charger when they need one,” said Kevin Fletcher, president and CEO of WEC Energy Group.

Alliant Energy announced in late September that it signed the cooperative agreement to expand availability for EV charging stations. The company provides services to 970,000 electric and 420,000 natural gas customers in Iowa and Wisconsin.

“We understand the critical need for more charging stations available at convenient locations,” said David de Leon, president of Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin energy company. “By signing on to this collaboration, we can help increase the EV infrastructure necessary to assure customers that they will be able to charge up no matter where they are driving.”

Wisconsin currently has just over 1,000 EV charging stations with the majority clustered around Madison and Milwaukee, according to a directory site called PlugShare. Advocates for electric vehicle infrastructure development say millions more will be needed across the country to meet projected demand.

See a map of the charging network being developed by participating companies:

See the release from WEC Energy Group: