In a letter, the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, Wisconsin Hemp Alliance, Wisconsin Hemp Farmers and Manufacturers Association, and Wisconsin Farmers Union call for numerous changes to the proposed agency rule.

Their top concerns include a requirement that all hemp testing be performed at laboratories registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration. The groups say only one such lab exists in the state, meaning the rule would cause “a severe backlog” for hemp testing in the state.

They also take issue with a requirement that hemp crops must be harvested within 15 days of state or federal officials collecting a sample for testing compliance with maximum THC levels. In the letter, they argue the proposed restriction would significantly limit the harvest.

“Our two years of experience in Wisconsin has shown that hemp is a difficult and time-consuming plant to harvest, and weather can have significant impacts on harvest timing,” they wrote. “This rule will simply not provide growers with enough time to harvest their hemp crops.”

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