The new trade deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada is expected to benefit Wisconsin dairy producers, thanks to some last-minute concessions made by Canada.

“The biggest winner from the USMCA will be Wisconsin dairy farmers — a key component of our state’s economy,” said Kurt Bauer, president and CEO of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation President Jim Holte says the agreement is welcomed “with opened arms.”

“This new agreement eliminates aspects of Canada’s dairy program that were being used to undercut U.S. dairy products,” Holte said. He noted U.S. dairy is gaining access to 3.6 percent of Canada’s dairy market through the deal, “greater than what would have been achieved through the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

“Additionally, the USMCA includes measures to address cooperation, information sharing and other trade rules related to agricultural biotechnology and gene editing,” he added. “This is the first time we are seeing measures like this in a trade agreement.”

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