Wisconsin has a workforce problem that is compounded by an image problem. According to a 2015 national perception survey, America’s Dairyland is viewed as just that. People from across the country believe agricultural-related jobs are most plentiful in the state, but they view Wisconsin as lacking job opportunities in general.

Other negative views of Wisconsin – cold weather, for example – are harming its ability to attract and retain workers, especially young people. Unfortunately, Wisconsin is one of only a few states that has more baby boomers living in it than millennials. As the workforce gets older, the younger generation is not large enough to fill the jobs that will be available.

In collaboration with its partners, WMC Foundation has produced the video: Wisconsin – A Great Place to Get Started. This video focuses on Wisconsin’s reality, not its perception. While many startups and millennials look to Boston, Seattle and Silicon Valley, Wisconsin can offer the same – if not better – experiences at more affordable prices. Read the full story here.