Wisconsin’s wealth of talent and experience in health care technology sets it apart from other parts of the country, but it still remains underserved and overlooked in terms of startup funding.

That’s according to a panel of out-of-state investors who spoke yesterday as part of the Wisconsin Technology Council’s two-day Early Stage Symposium.

Alex Shortle, a principal at Indiana-based Meridian Street Capital, said he was drawn to Madison and the northern Midwest in general because of tech giant Epic and other health tech companies.

“Good technologies recently with Datica, guys at Redox and a couple other companies that have spun off or that have left with good ideas… understanding the nuances of being a health care veteran and how to sell to the health systems,” he said.

Shortle says that knowledge “doesn’t exist in a lot of places.”

“Although there’s a lot of technologies out in San Francisco and out in LA and New York, they don’t always necessarily understand how the health care system in this country works,” he added. “Understanding that and having relationships within the system is very important.”

Jackie Dimonte, an associate at Hyde Park Ventures in Chicago, says many investors who are interested in Madison and Milwaukee “see that recycling of the ecosystem” as a valuable feature. Read the full story here.