In a Madison Rotary Club virtual event, Tom Still said Wisconsin cities will fare well after the COVID-19 pandemic because technology in areas such as agriculture and natural resources will surge as more tech workers move to Wisconsin cities. He said Wisconsin’s relatively stable climate, predictable cost of doing business, and high-quality health care are attractive to businesses and workers looking for the best environment to do business in.

The existing infrastructure and environment make Wisconsin a much more attractive place for tech workers to move to, he said.

There’s an exodus of sorts in places like the Silicon Valley and New York City, other cities around the country, and I think Madison and the rest of Wisconsin can pick up on that and attract a lot of people from elsewhere to come to the state and see what we have going for us,” Still said.

Still added the UW-System could play a vital role in attracting new companies by providing a highly-skilled workforce from its universities to fill the new job positions that come with those new companies.