Healthy Hospitals. Healthy Communities.

Quality Care: Helping Wisconsin’s Patients and Wisconsin’s Economy

High-quality health care is one of Wisconsin’s greatest assets. Wisconsin hospitals and health systems provide affordable, accessible, quality care to their neighbors, friends and communities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Access to quality care helps patients, of course. It also helps economies, both local and statewide. Hospitals and health care systems rank as one of the state’s largest employers and strongest
economic drivers. Wisconsin can attract people and businesses to our state because the health care sector provides family-supporting jobs across a wide spectrum of worker educations – from high school to an advanced degree.

Wisconsin leads the nation in health care quality and innovation. Our hospitals and health systems enhance where we live, work and play and are part of the fabric of Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s health care sector plays a crucial, vibrant role in our economy.

This report, “Healthy Hospitals. Healthy Communities,” provides insight into the effect Wisconsin’s health care industry has on our state. WHA appreciates the ongoing collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension and Professor Steven C. Deller to collect and disseminate the latest facts and data related to Wisconsin’s hospitals and our top-quality health care systems.

Eric Borgerding, WHA President/CEO