Madison virtual reality development company Arch Virtual is releasing a VR training kit so organizations can learn how to create their own VR productions.

The idea is aimed at helping schools, companies and other organizations — and perhaps even the U.S. military — make their own training videos, said Arch Virtual CEO Jon Brouchoud.

“We’re trying to open access to the development of VR training,” he said.

“It takes months for us to build an application. We wanted to find a way to alleviate a lot of the complexity and expense, and to enable trainers to capture demonstrations into a virtual-reality experience that other people could watch,” Brouchoud said.

The kit, called Acadicus, provides a platform of potential scenarios — including locations and a variety of equipment — that trainers can use to develop a VR simulation that can be saved and accessed, as often as needed.

Acadicus is focused on health care organizations to start with. “Medical simulation is the most rapidly growing area for VR training right now,” Brouchoud said. Read the full story here.