Exact Sciences Corp. and the Mayo Clinic say they’ve developed a blood test that correctly identified 95 percent of the cases of a common form of liver cancer.

The news, released Tuesday in a presentation at a major conference of gastroenterologists, is a signal that the liver cancer blood test could be the second product that Exact, of Madison, and Mayo, of Rochester, Minnesota, will seek to bring to market, following Cologuard, their stool-based test for colorectal cancer. The liver cancer blood test could be available in about three years if all goes well, Exact CEO Kevin Conroy said.

But it’s just the start.

Mayo clinic physician John Kisiel said Mayo and Exact are working on identifying biomarkers for the top 16 killer cancers. Their ultimate goal: Create two tests, each of which would screen for multiple types of cancer. A stool test would detect gastrointestinal cancers and a blood test could pinpoint many other forms of the disease, including liver and lung cancer. Read the full story here.