Madison serial entrepreneur Brian Wiegand has co-founded a handful of businesses, including one bought by Microsoft for $50 million.

So, you could say Wiegand has made his millions and the rest is gravy. Or rather, Gravy Live.

That’s the name of the latest business founded by Wiegand and his partners, Mark McGuire and Craig Andler. Their concept: live-streaming entertainment.

After trying various ideas, they’ve hit on their keeper: a live, interactive shopping game show called Gravy.

Launched in late May, Gravy runs six nights a week, Sunday through Friday, at 7:30 p.m. for 10 to 15 minutes on Apple mobile devices.

Each night, the program host hawks a single product but doesn’t say how many of the items are up for grabs. Almost like a reverse auction, as time clicks by, the price goes down. Shoppers who really want the item can snap it up quickly or they can wait to see how good a deal they’ll get — if the supply doesn’t run out.

Meanwhile, at the start of each product pitch — or “game,” as Wiegand calls it — players can enter a guess on what percentage below the starting price the item will sell for when the last of the stash is sold. Read the full story here.