Last month, Beitler Real Estate Services and the city failed to get final approval on the $170 million project that will redevelop the two blocks that hold the Government East parking garage and the Madison Municipal Building. But the project was reconsidered, and members voted 6 to 1 to sign-off on the plans, while adding several conditions to address lingering concerns. Commission member Dawn O’Kroley was the lone opponent.

“I don’t think this is a complete presentation, but I also don’t think that should hold up the project,” said member Rafeeq Asad.

Beitler’s component consists of 354 apartment units, a 250-room hotel, and retail and commercial space. A public 560-stall underground parking ramp and a bicycle center comprise the city’s portion.

The main points of contention from commission members related to the street-level landscaping, the pedestrian experience around the buildings and a desire for more detailed design documents.

Several conditions were attached to the final approval, including having entrances to the public ramp elevator lobbies facing the street, moving the apartment’s back-of-the-house functions away from East Doty Street to allow for activity in the space, and considering a different landscaping set up on South Pinckney Street.

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