When walking down a grocery aisle, looking at paper towels or cereal or ice cream, there are several options to consider — the most environmentally friendly brand, the cheapest, the healthiest.

The founders of the app Goods Unite Us give consumers another point to consider: How much money does each brand pump into partisan politics?

Goods Unite Us, founded in Madison in 2017, allows consumers to search through thousands of brands — from fast-food chains to coffee shops and clothing retailers — and see about how much money those brands give to political action committees (PACs) and which political party those donations support.

Lawyers Abigail Wuest and her husband, Brian Potts — who also founded LegalBoard, a company that designs keyboards with shortcuts for common legal terms and symbols — wanted to bring awareness to the amount of corporate money being spent in politics to influence elections, and the pair teamed up with Amy Jo Miller, who has worked with other startups in the past, to develop a free app that aligns with their mission.

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